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Foundation of Fire House Bangladesh is a voluntary organization. The country’s first responder volunteer organization

Volunteering helps you make new friends and contacts

One of the best ways to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships is to commit to a shared activity together. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, especially if you are new to an area. Volunteering also strengthens your ties to the community and broadens your support network, exposing you to people with common interests, neighbourhood resources, and fun and fulfilling activities.

Volunteering increases your social and relationship skills

While some people are naturally outgoing, others are shy and have a hard time meeting new people. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to practice and develop your social skills, since you are meeting regularly with a group of people with common interests. Once you have momentum, it’s easier to branch out and make more friends and contacts.

Tips for getting started volunteering

First, ask yourself if there is something specific you want to do.

If you take on a volunteer role, and are committed, you will get huge benefits.

For example you can:

  • Keep your skills fresh
  • Get new skills and experience
  • Increase your confidence levels
  • Get references
  • Socialise

The experiences you gain through volunteering will really help when you come to complete job applications and do interviews. But of course you will still have to apply and compete for any job. You may or may not get the first job you apply for, but you will be on the road to getting paid work.

To get the most out of your volunteering, it helps to think beforehand about what you would like to gain, such as particular skills or experience.  And, volunteering should be something you actively want to do. To put it another way, you shouldn’t be volunteered – but you might want to volunteer!

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